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Jesus Freaks

In the god-fearing town of Lake in the Woods, five bodies disappear from their graves. 

Dana Fisher, officer in the Sheriff's Department, sleepwalks through life without her high school best friend, long presumed deceased. 

Her teenage brother Gary, looking forward towards a future of graveyard shifts, hides a freaky secret in his bedroom. 

Ariel Enckles, the preacher's daughter, is dead. She probably should have stayed that way. 

Jesus Freaks

"Jesus Freaks is a book about small towns. Jesus Freaks is a book about gossip. Jesus Freaks is dedicated to everyone whose hometown wants them dead. A book of bible bashing Christianity, spirituality, small town suspicion and queerness; the misfits and the troublemakers and the lovers, but also the criminals?


Presumably your hometown wants you dead for setting fire to the school just as much as it does for kissing your next door neighbour if they happen to be a girl like you.

Maybe you burned down the school because you want to kiss your next door neighbour?

Maybe you just quite like fire."

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