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Born in Belfast on Valentine's Day, Suki Hollywood is a writer and poet.

Her debut novel Jesus Freaks is available now.

Her work has been published in Gutter, Spam, Clav Mag, The Selkie and Deleuzine, among others.

You can read her selected work below.

Her debut poetry pamphlet This Suit was released in 2021 by OrangeApple Press. Its companion film of the same name was included in the SQIFF 2021 line-up. Her second poetry pamphlet, Heart Eyes, was released February 2022.

Suki provided a creative response to the work of Motoko Ishibashi in a collaboration with Robert's gallery, Glasgow.

She collaborated with BonjourTom Joyes, Izzy Leach, Newspaper Club and more, resulting in broadsheet and billboard project Yes, I can see the stars. This project was featured in Dazed Digital.

Suki has contributed editorially to Knight Errant Press, From Glasgow to Saturn and Orange Apple Press. 

Suki's zines are available through Etsy. You can also keep up with her through her newsletter, The Hollywood Reporter.

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Thrall was awared second place in the Wintermute 2022 Writing Competition 

Originally published in Gutter, issue 23

Read here for free

Mortal Combat

Deleuzine, issue 2


All Hope Abandon!

The Selkie


Horse Girl

Clav Mag, issue 6


Quote from 'Thrall', which was featured in Gutter's Issue 23_edited.jpg


Peachflesh, face without mouth and Born Again 

Waterwings #1


Yes, I can see the stars 

A collaborative billboard and broadsheet project with Bonjour, Glasgow.


Super Worm Moon

Spam005, Spam Press


Heart Eyes



This Suit

Orange Apple Press


Mammy and The Sisters

Daughterhood Zine, issue 2


Kissing my Boss

From Glasgow to Saturn


IMG_9386 (1)_edited.jpg


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