Born in Belfast on Valentine's Day, Suki Hollywood is an emerging writer and editor of prose, poetry and non-fiction. 

Her debut poetry pamphlet
This Suit is available now from Orange Apple Press, along with its companion film. Her work has been published in Gutter, Clav Mag, Blue House Journal, Meet Cute Zine, Screen Queens and From Glasgow to Saturn, with a forthcoming release in The Selkie.

Suki is currently based in Glasgow, where she is working on her debut novel.

Read her selected work below.





All Hope Abandon!

The Selkie



Gutter, issue 23

(£10/£14 subscription)

Horse Girl

Clav Mag, issue 6


This Suit


This Suit

Orange Apple Press


Mammy and The Sisters

Daughterhood Zine, issue 2


Kissing my Boss

From Glasgow to Saturn





Plution Edition: Pride


Spam Plaza

This Suit: An Interview with Suki Hollywood (River Ellen MacAskill)

This Suit: The Motion Picture

By Suki Hollywood and River E MacAskill

From Glasgow to Saturn

Pluto Edition: Pride

(collages throughout)

Bathed in Concrete (£5.50)