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In 2021, Suki was guest editor at OrangeApple Press, a small press run between Canada and Scotland publishing poetry and prose. Suki was asked to join the team in 2021 following their successful digital publication of her debut pamphlet, This Suit.

In 2021, Suki also edited several exciting collaborative zines; Bathed in Concrete and The Untamed Fanzine.

From 2018-2019, Suki was selected as a co-editor of From Glasgow to Saturn, a literary journal dedicated to publishing the work of staff, students and alumni of The University of Glasgow. During this period, she oversaw the publication of two volumes of the journal, showcasing the best in emerging poetry, prose and visual art. 

Suki’s team also oversaw the creation of a brand-new offshoot of From Glasgow to Saturn, the Pluto Edition. This pocket-sized creation showcased the work of LGBTQ* creators, alongside Suki’s visual contributions. She hosted a successful launch night for Pluto Edition: Pride at Category Is Books in August 2019. As part of the launch, Suki also hosted a zine making workshop with Free Pride Glasgow. 

In 2019, Suki became a temporary Editorial Assistant at Knight Errant Press, a radical small press publishing queer voices. During her time as Editorial Assistant, she supported the team with submissions, editorial feedback and marketing campaigns.

If you would like feedback on your work from Suki, feel free to get in touch.

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